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Volkswagen is a German automaker that is the single largest manufacturer within the Volkswagen Group. It is perhaps best known for the exceptionally long-lived Volkswagen Beetle.



The Toyota Motor Company is the largest automaker in Japan and is among the top three in the world, by volume, on a yearly basis.

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Suzuki is a Japanese automaker that also produces a lot of motorcycles and ATVs. Although it has recently shuttered its automotive operations in the U.S., its motorcycles and ATVs are still available.

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Renault is a French automaker that was nationalized following World War II. It was privatized in 1996, and today it owns a majority stake in Japanese automaker Nissan.

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Porsche is a German automaker that was responsible for designing the original Volkswagen Beetle. Today, it is a subsidiary of Volkwagen AG.

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Nissan is a Japanese automaker. Although it was once one of the key components of the Nissan Group, today nearly half of the company is owned by Renault.

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The Mitsubishi Motors Company can trace its history all the way back to 1917 and the first-ever production automobile in Japan.

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Mazda is a Japanese automaker that got its start making artificial cork, machine parts, and rifles, but it is perhaps best known for its longstanding devotion to the Wankel-style rotary engine.

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Kia is the second largest automaker in South Korea.



Honda is one of the top automakers in Japan. In addition to automobiles, the company also produces motorcycles and garden equipment amongst other ventures.