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Volkswagen is a German automaker that is the single largest manufacturer within the Volkswagen Group. It is perhaps best known for the exceptionally long-lived Volkswagen Beetle.



The Toyota Motor Company is the largest automaker in Japan and is among the top three in the world, by volume, on a yearly basis.

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Suzuki is a Japanese automaker that also produces a lot of motorcycles and ATVs. Although it has recently shuttered its automotive operations in the U.S., its motorcycles and ATVs are still available.

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Subaru is a Japanese automaker that is well-known for its boxer engines and all-wheel drive vehicles.

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Renault is a French automaker that was nationalized following World War II. It was privatized in 1996, and today it owns a majority stake in Japanese automaker Nissan.

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Porsche is a German automaker that was responsible for designing the original Volkswagen Beetle. Today, it is a subsidiary of Volkwagen AG.

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Nissan is a Japanese automaker. Although it was once one of the key components of the Nissan Group, today nearly half of the company is owned by Renault.

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The Mitsubishi Motors Company can trace its history all the way back to 1917 and the first-ever production automobile in Japan.

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Mazda is a Japanese automaker that got its start making artificial cork, machine parts, and rifles, but it is perhaps best known for its longstanding devotion to the Wankel-style rotary engine.

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Kia is the second largest automaker in South Korea.