Chevrolet is a brand of the General Motors Company. It was acquired by GM in 1918 and has been a local fixture in Detroit, Michigan for over 100 years. Although it is technically just another GM brand, the Chevrolet name is at least as well known as GM, and the colloquial “Chevy” and “Chev” names are often used interchangeable with GM. Chevrolet vehicles are sold throughout most of the world, although the specifics vary from one region to another. In Europe, the Chevrolet badge is primarily used for small cars manufactured by GM Korea, and in Australasia, Chevy vehicles are re-badged by fellow GM subsidiary Holden.

chevrolet logo

The familiar Chevy “bowtie” logo has been in use since 1913.


History of Chevrolet

Although the Chevrolet Motor Car Company only existed as a separate entity for less than ten years, it has an interesting history. The company was founded by William C. Durant, who had previously ran the Buick Motor Company and founded GM. During his stint at Buick, Durant had hired a man named Louis Chevrolet to drive in races in a promotional capacity. After his ouster from GM, Durant teamed up with Chevrolet and a handful of investment partners to form a new automobile manufacturer.

Chevrolet would leave the company that bore his name by 1915, when he sold his shares to Durant. The company was doing very well at that time, however. So well, in fact, that Durant was able to secure his return to GM by purchasing a controlling interest in that company. When Durant subsequently returned to his position as president of General Motors, he merged Chevrolet into the company, where it has remained a separate division to this day.

Throughout much of the 20th century, Chevrolet was positioned as GM’s most affordable brand. In fact, for a time Ford, Plymouth and Chevy were referred to as “the low-priced three” in contrast to the “detroit three” or “the big three” (Ford, Chrysler and Chevy).

Chevrolet Contact Information

North America

800.222.1020 (US)
800.263.3777 (Canada)

Mailing address
Box 33170
Detroit, MI

Financial Services

Ally (formerly GMAC)


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